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The Prime Cities Program aims at building self-sustaining products and services in existing cities of the world. It fosters partnerships, enablers, technologies, systems that can be used efficiently and effectively to enable the citizens of selected Prime Cities to elevate their standards of living – in health, education, housing, transportation, energy, water supply, commerce, etc.

World Capacity Builders Inc. (WCB) has a license from Prime Domain International Inc. (PDI) to develop and implement an ambitious program called The Prime Cities Program (Program). It is through an internal special way of financing, coupled with dedicated and passionate obsession by its Principals to improve the standards of these Unbanked that this Program is implemented.

WCB hopes to build dedicated teams to help to achieve such an ambitious Program.



World Capacity Builders Inc. (WCB) is a special purpose vehicle company formed between Prime Origins (subsidiary of PDI) and WCB executives. Its purpose is to implement programs created by PDI and its partners. These include the Prime Gate City program, the Prime OneCard payment platform (, and other related technology and service products.

WCB has carefully assembled groups of companies as strategic Partners. While some of them are start-ups, each possesses specialties in the payment technology, communications, environment, energy, housing, health, Blockchain, IOT, and other innovation sectors. With their enabling and capability improvement expertise, these Partners are expected to be sustainable and help in WCB’s mission.

Understanding that the gig economy, Fintech and cryptocurrency world is evolving very quickly, WCB continues to identify, assess, and strategically align with companies in other innovative technologies, platforms, and systems to improve its overall product.

We Want to Hear from You!!!

If you have an idea, please contact us! No idea is too small! Don’t be shy!


Picture an existing city, say Phnom Penh in Cambodia … the city already exists. Right? Now there may be at the outskirts of Phnom Penh that the government needs help in building houses for their underprivileged. In such a case, our affiliates and partners would make a deal with the government to build the houses.

The deal will include us building the houses, and selling or renting the houses to the needy. It would also have financial guarantees by the government to repay the loan that is used to build the houses. Usually such guarantees are in the form of Sovereign Guarantees. We use such guarantees to help finance the housing project PLUS help finance some of the Prime Cities projects.

Additionally, we will seek High Net Worth (HNW) people with US$10.0 million liquidity to be Endowment Patrons. These HNW people are called Endowment Patrons. He/she will be convinced to invest the Endowment that produces high high interest for the investment. We will match the Endowment with a 9:1 ratio – making a total of US$110.0 million. This amount can be used to leverage other forms of high yielding investments. On an average, the Yield for Prime Cities is about 1.0% per month. This amount is used to implement our Prime Cities Program.

There are 2,500 Prime Cities in the plan. Some of these already have responsible Owners. We call them City Server Owners or Country Owners or City Owners.

Each Prime City may be categorized as having a Physical Part and a Virtual Part. Working with governments, City Hall Management, Municipal Hall Management, and existing government such as Band Offices, etc., the Physical Part of Prime Cities Program consists of physical infrastructure such as the categories in the diagram here.

Obviously there needs to be a great deal of co-ordination with existing infrastructure and existing buildings, existing activities. For example, the Prime Cities Program can build upon existing health services to add more clinics, or build another wing of a hospital!

The Virtual Part of Prime Cities is part of an efficient Digital Portal. Because it is digital we may have more imaginative latitude. Using Internet 4.0 type technologies and practices plus the Infrastructure that we may install (for example we may, with permission, install an infrastructure in communications called the Wireless Fiber Network. With this network, we could offer Internet, Telephone services, TV services, Online Education or eCommerce facilities to areas where people cannot get such services! Virtual Products are very wide and varied. You just have to let your imagination go free!

Prime Cities Program seeks the latest and the best that it can offer. For example, it could adopt and deploy Blockchain or Fintech based products. Or it could deploy IOT services and products in a secure manner.

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Keith Buck

Chairman, Prime Domain International Inc.

  • Technology pioneer and expert in Entertainment, banking, high finance, and Internet applications (communications, entertainment). His passion is to help the underprivileged citizens of the world.


Kenneth McKenzie

COO, World Capacity Builders Inc.

  • President of Greystone Promotions, and Marketing and promotions specialist, his extensive field network in North America is deep and thorough. He brings physical and digital worlds together in Prime Cities.

Stanley Loh

CEO, World Capacity Builders Inc.

  • Technology and payment specialist. CEO of China Entertainment Mandate Inc. His contacts in China and Asia are extensive and deep. He too has a passion to help the Unbanked of the world.



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